FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions | MyGlit Jobs

I am unable to feed Candidates Lineup on Myglit?
  1. Please make sure you fill all details with Mandatory Astrix. Only then you will be able to feed lineups. If you are still not able to feed lineups please write to us at feedback@myglit.com
When will MyGlit send Interview Emails to the Candidates ?
  1. As soon as you feed Lineup on Myglit the system automatically sends email to the Candidates. The email is addressed specifically by the name of the Candidate given a very Professional feeling to the Applicant. Whats more is that the Candidate is advised to write the name of your Recruitment Firm (if you are from Recruitment Firm) or your Employee ID with your name (if you are an employee of that company who is trying to earn money from Employee Referral.)
When will Reminder Emails be sent to the Candidate ?
  1. Reminder Emails are sent to the Candidate on the Day of Interview. For eg if you have selected 15th July as the Date of Interview the candidate will get a Reminder Email on 15th July in the morning informing him to be ready for the Interview. This greatly increases the seriousness of the Candidates.
My Candidate got Selected. What Should I Do now?
  1. Mark the Candidate as Selected in Myglit. This will help maintain your Database. Also Myglit will send Auto Emails to the Candidate that he has been Selected once you mark him as Selected in Myglit. Make sure you use this feature only when you are sure your Candidate has got selected.
My Candidate has Joined/ Started with the Company. What should I update in Myglit?
  1. If your candidate has Started with the Company, Mark him as Joined in Myglit. This way you will have a record of all the Hires/ Joines in future.
My Candidate has confirmed that he isnt interested in the offer. What should I update in Myglit?
  1. If the above situation is right then mark the Candidate as a Drop. Later you can always go through the list of Drops and try to give your Candidates some other offer in different companies. This way you can utilise your Drops to place these candidates somewhere else and still earn money from them.
What is Tentative Status?
  1. If you are unsure wether your candidate will join then mark them as Tentative.
What are these Top Recruiters that I see on Dashboard?
  1. Well MyGlit is an AI Powered tool that accumulates lineups from all Recruiters and then shows you the Top 7 in the list. This way you know where you stand and how much more efforts are needed to come in the Top 7. Being on the top 7 is seen by everyone in your country and its a matter of achievement. Selects and Candidates confirmed Dashboard are also made on the same logic
My Candidate has clicked on Confirmed. Where can I see it ?
  1. If your Candidate click on Confirmed you can see in Inbox Status itself. Search the name of the Candidate using search Feature in Inbox. You will be able to see Confirmed besides the Candidate name.
My Candidate has rescheduled the Interview Automatically. Where do i see it. Can I disable Reschedule?
  1. If your Candidate has clicked on Reschedule you can see in the inbox Status with the new Date of Interview. This is in lines to give more powers to the Candidates to choose a new date of Interview. Many times the Candidate doesn't want to go on the scheduled date of Interview and he is forced by the Recruiter to attend Interview. This makes the Candidate unresponsive. Using this feature the Candidate knows he can choose the Date of Interview as per his convenience. This greatly increases turnups by the Candidates. The best part of this feature is that the Candidates lineup is automatically added in the new date of interview without you having to manually feed it. As of now Reschedule Feature cant be disabled